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At Stevens Trading and Manufacturers we have assembled a wide range of different services in one place.

The company’s vision is to deliver beyond our clients expectations. The company has adopted these philosophy:

Create detail schedule and resources plan to meet clients project objective

Communicate clearly with all project stakeholders

Track project progress and fine – tune deviations

Supervise closely on quality of work done

Complete and commission the project on time

Cutting Room


Catering staff



Mission Statement

Service Mission: To procure projects at a competitive pricing, provide safe working conditions and deliver quality work.

Community Mission: Give back to the community we serve through sponsorships and community engagement

Economic Mission: Operate and grow at a profitable rate through sound economic decision


Customer Service Excellence: We are dedicated to provide our customers with service beyond their expectation

Passion for results: We show pride and enthusiasm in everything we do

Respect: We believe in honesty, integrity and truthfulness, we treat every equal because they contribute to the growth of the company

Innovation: We strive to be innovative and creative to provide our clients with the latest customer service experience

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